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Want customer loyalty Improve your waiting room

The waiting room experience can be either a deal breaker or a first step toward long-term customer loyalty. If you subject your clients to stressful and uncomfortable delays in an unpleasant environment, you may lose them forever.

Business Tip of the Month

5 essential steps to becoming debtfree

Americans hold more than $1 trillion in credit card debt and over twice that much in loans, according to the Federal Reserve. After mortgages, student loans are the second largest source of debt, and auto loans aren't far behind. It's no wonder many Americans have almost nothing set aside for emergencies or retirement.

Financial Tip of the Month

How to lock down the home sale exclusion

Good news if you're selling your home: The home sale exclusion wasn't touched by the massive tax law changes. Arguably one of the biggest tax breaks to be left intact, it allows you to exclude capital gains tax on the first $250,000 in profit from a sale of a home. The maximum home sale exclusion is doubled to $500,000 if you're married and file jointly.

Tax Tip of the Week
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