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Health insurance reporting required for your business

Are you concerned about employer health insurance penalties in 2015? As you know, the penalties for not offering insurance to employees were suspended for 2014 and information reporting was voluntary. That delay was temporary. The rules that apply to your business in 2015 depend on how many full- and part-time workers you employ.

Tax Tip of the Week

Be prepared when applying for a business loan

Often small businesses must rely on debt to launch operations during crucial start-up years, expand into new markets, or weather economic downturns. But getting approval for business loans can be a discouraging process. Understandably, lenders are trained to be skeptical.

Business Tip of the Month

Consider these options when consolidating debt

You're starting to feel overwhelmed with debt and you're not sure how to make even the minimum payments on all those credit cards. Never fear. Plenty of credit card companies are eager to come to your aid.

Financial Tip of the Month
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