Mosaic Insurance Exchange Call Center and Administrative Support Capabilities

Mosaic Insurance Exchange has the technology and expertise to develop and operate integrated inbound and outbound call sales and billing support centers in high-security environments. Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s customer service center accommodates multiple avenues for customer encounters through phone, mail, email, chat and/or walk-in.

When you choose Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s call center services, you’ll get a dedicated team that specializes in your industry and is trained to support the management and maintenance of all accounts. We consistently meet service level agreements and performance expectations.

Call Center Training

Reporting directly to President Lisa M. Carroll, the Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s full-time training department has both an internal and external emphasis. Team members have expertise in exchange concepts and health care reform implementation.

Call center training sessions focus on the needs of key populations, such as part-time and non-ESI eligible workers, as well as the working uninsured. These informative sessions may include information about HIPAA compliance, Medicare Part D, National and Local health care reform initiatives, and the Affordable Care Act, as well as general facts about products, eligibility, open enrollment, plan renewals and policies and procedures.

Training incorporates a Knowledge Management System utilizing hard copy and interactive training materials, seminars, small team-based training sessions, lectures and role playing over the telephone. Staff is educated in encounter management, escalated issue identification, and health insurance principles and requirements. They are also trained to provide step-by-step instructions to apply for or enroll in insurance online.

Web-based Customer Service Capabilities

Delivering quality service to all customers is Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s number one corporate priority. Mosaic Insurance Exchange constantly designs new and unique ways for customers to interact with the support teams, both through the toll-free customer service representatives and through online tools.

Mosaic Insurance Exchange can integrate and implement online enrollment and quoting systems that allow individuals to enter unique enrollment information, which then generates an individualized quote.

Customer Service Inquiries

All customer service representatives are extensively trained in compliance, product and benefit knowledge, telephone etiquette, and health care reform and financial services trends.

Mosaic Insurance Exchange call center representatives do more than just respond to consumer questions ‒ they are trained to listen and to apply their knowledge and experience to each situation as presented.

Inquiries received by prospects, existing customers, brokers, and/or health plans are taken via dedicated inbound toll-free telephone phone numbers, multiple URLs, a local state-based phone number, and a dedicated post-office box located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Inquiries can also be forwarded to our Massachusetts-based lockbox vendor (as part of a premium remittance).

Staff is trained to expert-level proficiency in navigating the Web portal to provide customers with the information and assistance required to resolve inquiries in the first encounter.

Handling Complaints

Mosaic Insurance Exchange tracks and resolves complaints through our Excellence First Complaint/Resolution Management Process. This system, which records calls for tracking and training purposes, includes a centralized management group that actively manages cases and tracks complaints and their resolutions, reporting daily to the Director of Sales and Service . All inquiries, including complaints, are responded to within 24 hours during normal business hours.

Mosaic Insurance Exchange employs a Member Advocate to assist customers with complex issues and to work with legal and regulatory agents for more detailed inquiries.

Customer Service Staffing

General customer service staffing is scalable and based on a standard staffing ratio of 1 telephone customer service representative to every 2,000 enrolled subscribers, and 1 supervisor for every six to eight telephone representatives. 

Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s Human Resources department employs a wide variety of recruitment methods to attract new employees as needed, and our downtown Worcester location provides easily accessible public transportation.

The additional call center teams in Massachusetts, California and Minnesota provide for emergency back-up capacity and overflow capacity. Teams are cross-trained to allow for easy access and routing of phone calls.

Existing on-site staff speak English and Spanish, and the Certified Languages International (CLI) language line is available for additional language interpretations.

Customer Service Staff Accessibility

The routine call center hours available are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST.

To support prospects and members outside of the routine call center hours and within their own schedule, a self-service, web-based enrollment system is available. Phone inquiries obtained after hours can be returned the next business day, or the caller can go to the website to submit their question. The consumer has the option to choose their preferred method of return communication.