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What is a Qualifying Life Event?

  • Losing an employer sponsored health insurance plan, or becoming ineligible for an employer’s plan
  • Becoming ineligible for a government subsidized or government sponsored plan
  • Getting married, having or adopting a child, or moving to or from another state
  • Losing other affordable, minimum Essential Health Benefits, due to a job loss, divorce, expiration of COBRA coverage, or change in status
  • Did not lose prior coverage because you voluntarily terminated it, or the coverage was cancelled due to non-payment of premium or fraud

What additional documents are required to enroll during the Special Enrollment period?

  1. The first month premium,
  2. Certificate of Creditable Coverage or comparable letter from your prior health insurance carrier indicating a loss of coverage within 63 days of the date of your application,
  3. Three (3) proofs of State residency from the list below (please note that in Massachusetts, Social Security numbers are not required for non group enrollment)
    1. State Drivers license or official State ID
    2. Mortgage documents or rental agreement (current)
    3. Homeowner’s/rental insurance policy (current year)
    4. Certificate of residency from  city or town
    5. In-state tuition bill (most current) for yourself or a dependent
    6. State vehicle registration (most current)
    7. Excise tax bill (current year)
    8. Voter Registration card (current)
    9. Utility bills (no more than 60 days old)
    10. Property Tax bill (most current)
    11. W-2 from immediate prior year
    12. State issued professional license
    13. Jury Summons dated within the prior 12 months
  4. If your qualifying event is a recent move to Massachusetts, you will need to provide supporting documents. Acceptable documentation would be:
    • Recently issued ID/driver's license
    • Stamped passport showing entry into the US/MA for you and your dependents
    • Newly signed lease/mortgage

We will promptly review the documentation you provide and notify you if we require any additional documents or information. If we determine that you are not eligible for enrollment, we will return your enrollment material (including your first month premium) to you and advise you of the reasons your enrollment request was denied and your right to enroll during the specified open enrollment period, if applicable.

SBSB offers an Insurance Marketplace to assist small employers and their employees, and individuals, in finding the best insurance plan, at the best price. We service your account from initial sign up through renewal.  All health insurance and dental plans are fully insured and approved by the state regulatory authorities.

It’s easy to obtain a quote and enroll in the plan of your choice. To save time, please have the birthdates of each subscriber and dependent applying for coverage. The options available in your area will be displayed.  Once you select a plan, you may enroll online or call us to enroll with assistance. The SBSB benefit specialists are available Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.    

All health insurance plans and premium rates are in compliance with the Federal Affordable Care Act. Monthly premiums are calculated for each member of the policy, and may change if members are added or removed from the policy. Small group rate quotes vary by the effective date of coverage, and renew in April. Individual rates are fixed for the calendar year, and renew in January.